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Marematlou Training Institute (MTI), formerly Marematlou Trading, was established 15 years ago. We provide innovative opportunities for learning, developing and mastering workplace-related competencies required to deliver superior results and a positive return on investment for our clients. We put great emphasis on being the best catalyst in Private Public Partnerships (PPPs) that create new socio-economic realities.

Additionally, we offer customized services that help students and corporate clients meet their unique needs. As a professional training provider, MTI aspires to take South Africa forward by contributing to critical and scarce skills development through well-designed interventions. Marematlou’s specific intent is to create and maintain an academic culture and student life that is conducive to all stakeholders. We offer a range of training packages in various subject areas, that can be customized to suit your needs and in turn offer the best learning opportunities

Our world class facilities are fully equipped to house full-time students, as well as support distance learning. With its Head Office in Bloemfontein, MTI has an established footprint in the Free State, Eastern Cape, and as far north as Limpopo Province.  

Marematlou Training Institute has conducted skills audits in various provinces and to date, more than 17 000 teachers, heads of department, deputy principals and principals have been successfully trained and certified on accredited short learning programmes

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Marematlou Group Holdings has, together with its subsidiaries Marematlou Training Institute and Jenn Training and Consultancy; always approach CSI projects in alignment with our core business of research, continuous development, skills training and overall empowerment and betterment of self.


With the Fourth Industrial Revolution taking the world by storm, MTI is invested in cultivating healthy environments for creativity and exploration as far as the world of programming and coding is concerned.


We offer Boutique Hotel services, in a small and intimate setting, which holds a modern and stylish décor with a personal touch. Our interior design is as unique as our operations, combining a hint of historical detail with chic elegance.

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