MTI provided training for four days (12 August to 15 August 2019) at Harmony mines in the Free State.  The focus was on mentoring a colleague to enhance the individual’s knowledge, skills, values and attitudes in a selected career path as outline unit standard under management and leadership category.

Mentoring a colleague:

MTI facilitators conducted the training in such a manner that will allow skill transfer from the mentor to the mentee, this was made possible by the manageable number of the management group (Mentor) and their colleagues (Mentee) but the two groups each came on different times.


The training covered topics such as – the difference between mentoring, coaching, counselling and training.

  • The role and responsibilities of the mentor and employee to be mentored
  • Negotiate a written contract
  • Negotiate the boundaries in a mentorship contact
  • The importance of communication in the mentoring process
  • The models of mentoring
  • Characteristics of a potential employee to be mentored
  • And many more aspects of mentoring.