Marketing Committee, the operative hub of the MTI brand.

As a teaching establishment, Marematlou Training Institute (MTI) understands the constant needs of keeping up in an ever-evolving industry, which is: Marketing. Any professional in and out of this industry would be aware of the magnitude in importance of having the correct Marketing channels and strategies in place for any organization. 

 On the Tuesday morning of 16 March 2021, a group of colleagues gathered in one of the impressive venues on the MTI campus. The session was to allow for engagement in matters pertaining to the vital role to be played, and how to be the best ambassadors of the Marematlou Group Holdings Brand.

 This meeting was also labelled as an induction session for the group of employees who were nominated to form part of the Marketing Committee, for the years 2021-2022.

 The induction session was facilitated by the well-known and knowledgeable Mr Mar’c Scholtz, on behalf of the Marketing Department and was nothing short of fun, inspiring, and informative. To seal the event, the team took out to have lunch at one of Bloemfontein’s renowned restaurants. 

 After this eventful day the Marketing Committee members are ready to take on the year with re-ignited internal fire.