An outing to enhance leadership skills through work and play.

JENN Training and Consultancy District managers based in the Eastern Cape, took some much-needed time out for a Leadership Development and Teambuilding session. The exercise saw the team depart for Sun City Resort, in the North West Province on the 16th of May 2021; on a trip that was nothing short of adventure and a lot of discovery.


With the main objective being that of Self-building, positive communication, leadership styles and improving the general ability of working together as a team. This was achieved through tasks of analysing, problem solving and socializing. Various platforms of learning such as Personality Surveys, feedback and games were utilized for this. 

The workshopping left a deeper understanding of Employee Wellness, professionalism, openness and the need to internalise the Company’s vision, mission and values. Being based in different places, and further from the head office, the managers then understood that they have become the custodians of the company culture and standards. 

The physical teambuilding session that was co-ordinated by members of Beyond Teambuilding, helped to reaffirm the roles within the team, that were already defined through the leadership session.  

The above-mentioned activities were well complimented with great fun and social activities such as: a visit to the Valley of the waves; an afternoon game drive; a boat cruise and a gala dinner; to just mention a few.  

Mr Nape Motloung, the Cluster Manager of Buffalo City Metro and Amathole West and East had the following to say: “We have learnt a lot following the events of the past few days; including that - Management is not only about handling systems and processes, but also about leading people. We now understand better that it is through “We”, “Our” and “Us” that the true magnitude of teamwork will be fully effective.