The striking power of internal training.

As an education establishment, Marematlou Training Institute understands that successful training is one that identifies the exact skills needed by participants to succeed in their jobs. The trainings should be based on real life problems and examples encountered at work daily. 

Resources have been invested in the past few months, to provide junior employees from both Marematlou Training Institute and JENN Training and Consultancy with soft skills that are job-related. These internal training sessions and methods have proved to be effective, and colleagues were rewarded with a fun Certification of Attendance ceremony. 

The ceremony, that was hosted on the 26th of March 2021, on the campus itself; was graced with elegantly dressed colleagues (much to the surprise of the co-ordinator) ready to receive their accolades. The CEO gave a very relevant address, on the power of education towards a successful life in any job. 

On-the-job training enhances an employee's skills and ensures their readiness for the next promotion, or eligibility for internal transfers. Internal training has many advantages for employees, for example the reflection of a solid knowledge of the organization’s culture. 

And as per culture, the trainer is already working towards the next big achievement for the group.