Covid-19 – a pandemic of worldwide unsociable solidarity.
by Rethabile Ramasimong | Jun 5, 2020 | 2020, news
The past few months have been unsettling for us all, as we have waged on a war with an invisible enemy. This has been a great learning curve, though there is still so much more that we need to discern regarding this Covid-19 pandemic. Considering this, it should be understandable that for the time being, our Government too has taken preventative measures to ensure that as many as possible citizens are protected from the wrath of the epidemic. By requesting for minimal (if any) activity in the education sector, including institutions of higher learning, of which the extent thus far of the spread has been close to zero in the vicinities of higher education. 

 The partial lifting of restrictions for Institutions of Higher learning has brought great relief to us, as some operations have already resumed. As a responsible training institute, employer and corporate citizen; we are committed to protecting the health and safety of our students, employees, clients and business partners. To achieve this, we have used the period of the initial lockdown to evaluate the risks of COVID-19 exposure and have initiated processes that will ensure our facilities are fully equipped to effectively mitigate and control these risks.

 The channels imposed include, but are not limited to: Only employees/students of the company/training institute will be permitted onto the premises Limited access will be given to essential suppliers/service providers, of whose traceability will be recorded Deep cleaning of the property and regular wipe down of surfaces in the office spaces Access control and registration of every person entering the premises via one gate Screening for all Access to hand sanitizer dispensers at all high traffic areas such as entrances/exits, computer labs, training venues, offices, toilets etc. These precautions have us rest assured that we are offering a warm welcome, in a safe environment for all students and employees.